Maxine brown - ask me / yesterday's kisses

Been a long time commin’ fo Corrine. Federal business grants
she obtained for ‘friends’ that quietly failed at their endeavors
( not their money, after all), no reckoning with the taxes used.
Another situation a decade ago, an African businessman asked
for and received Corrine’s help for some business dealings he
had in Jacksonville. He received her help, as a friend, and weeks
later she received a new Mercedes-Benz from him…her daughter
took position.
First GRIPE outten’ her mouf’ was “this is a RACIST charge !!!
Corrine, bless her heart, there are BLACK and WHITE crooks
caught ever’ day. We ALL waitin’ for them WHITE CROOKS…
THE CLINTONS to get theirs.

Harper's parents are featured in "Wizards vs Finkles" as traveling showpeople from Romania. They ask Harper to rejoin them for shows but Harper refuses, happy with her life with the Russos while Alex, fascinated with their lifestyle, accept in Harper's place. In the end the commitment and hard work drives Alex away, with Harper's parents leaving for Youngstown, Ohio, for a new gig on good terms with Harper and the rest of the Russos. In "Meet the Werewolves" it is revealed that Harper was born in Nebraska, backstage in a night club, most likely at one of her parent's shows. In "Wizards vs. Vampires: Tasty Bites", when Alex is so fed up with her family's new healthy living, she says, "I'm so desperate, I'm thinking about going to Harper's house" , meaning that Harper's house is wild. In "Alex Does Good", Harper blurts out, "It's about time I got some appreciation, Mom!" , claiming that her mom doesn't appreciate her. Harper moves in with Alex and the Russos in season three, most likely because of her home. (Although it was also motivated by her father's recent transfer to Pittsburgh and her unwillingness to leave Alex).

The song has also been recorded by Blood, Sweat & Tears (on Blood, Sweat & Tears 4 , 1971), Claudja Barry (her first solo single, included on the album The Girl Most Likely , 1977), Suzi Quatro (on Oh, Suzi Q. , 1990), Marcia Hines (on Hinesight , 2004) and Phil Collins (on Going Back , 2010).

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Maxine Brown - Ask Me / Yesterday's KissesMaxine Brown - Ask Me / Yesterday's KissesMaxine Brown - Ask Me / Yesterday's KissesMaxine Brown - Ask Me / Yesterday's Kisses